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Finding the Best Slots Online
Finding the Best Slots Online

Most online casinos out there offer hundreds of slots, and the numbers keep rising. It’s not a huge surprise since the majority of the players are looking for exactly these type of games.

The demand for new slots has brought a ton of supply. There are a number of game developers who are constantly producing more and more quality slots. They come in all shapes and sizes to a point where it might be a bit confusing from the players’ perspective.

If you are wondering how to find the best slots online, I can give you a good idea where to start. Of course, you must determine what your main goal is first. This is why I divided this post into a couple of different sections.

Best Chance to Win Money

Obviously, the main reason most people play in online casinos is to win cash. Unfortunately, that’s rather hard to achieve in the long run. Slots are one of the categories where the house edge is the largest.

This is why you should be very careful when picking a slot. Below are some of the main features you should rate.

Get a Good Return to Player (RTP)

The Return to Player, or RTP, is measured in percentages and shows how much of the money spent on the game is returned as prizes on average. For example, a slot with a 94% RTP would bring around $94 of every $100 spent over a long period of time.

Naturally, you want to find the slots with the highest possible RTP if you are chasing success. The higher it is, the better your chances in the long run.

Fortunately, most casinos publish a list of their slots and the RTP of each one. Even if that’s not the case, a quick Google search should give you this information.

It’s important to check the nature of the game, though, as the RTP may vary. For example, certain slots require you to place the maximum bet to be eligible for a jackpot or another feature/prize.

If that’s the case, the RTP will change in the casino’s favor if you don’t play with the largest wager possible. You should avoid such games unless you can afford to get the best out of them.

A good return to player is above 95%, even above 96%.

There are plenty of online slots that cover this one, so make sure to pick one of them. It drastically increases your chances in the long run.

Don’t Go for the Featured Games

As soon as you open a certain online casino, you will see a number of games that are heavily promoted. They are usually shown in a couple of places, surrounded by some flashy animations designed to attract your attention.

Think about it for a second. The casino’s main target is to make money, and they are practically shoving some games down your throat. If this doesn’t sound suspicious, I don’t know what does.

Most of the time, these are the slots that bring the casinos the most money. Sure, sometimes these titles are simply new and the operator wants to show them to the players, but that’s the exception.

A Couple of Other Rules If You Want to Win

Honestly speaking, picking a good slot is not enough to make you a winner. The casino always has an advantage from a mathematical point of view. This means you have to find something to make up for that.

Fortunately, the competition for customers is fierce, and you have a chance if you play it smart. Here are some tips and tricks that could change your fortunes:

Take Advantage of Promotions: With the number of bonuses, free spins, loyalty programs, and other promos available, it’s almost criminal not to take full advantage. If you pick the right ones, you can win. Don’t look only at the numbers, though. It’s equally important to check the terms and conditions for stuff like wagering requirements. Bankroll Management: Even if you put yourself in a good position in terms of expected value, or EV, you still need a runway for your strategy to work. Make sure to manage your bankroll properly so you don’t go busto when the inevitable bad streak comes. Keep Your Discipline: It should go without saying, but I will still warn you. Don’t play drunk and don’t let your emotions take over. This is probably the easiest way to lose a ton of money. Pick Respected Casinos: Another one that is quite obvious. Some casinos will promise the world, but will simply disappear with your cash. Play in respected casinos with a proper gambling license.
Hitting That One Big Jackpot

A lot of players are not interested in building a strategy that might require time and effort to bring some small long-term profits. After all, this is pretty much what most people do for a living anyway.

Such gamblers are in for that one big hit that could change their lives or at least bring them enough money to have some fun for a while.

Your chances are obviously slim, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve them a bit by picking the appropriate online slot machine. Here is what you need to know.

Slot Volatility

One of the crucial factors of picking a slot that could bring you a huge prize is the volatility. This term is used to describe the distribution of the rewards of each game.

For example, a low-volatility slot will often bring you prizes, but they would be small compared to your initial bet.

On the contrary, slots with a high volatility will result in rare wins, but much bigger ones. Obviously, this is what you need to find to have a better chance of a big hit.

There is a fast and free way to check how volatile a certain game is. Most casinos will give you the chance to try their products for free. This does seem like a waste of time, but it is actually a good option.

Simply find a game that seems appealing and play for 5-10 minutes. If you win a lot of small prizes, that’s not your slot.

Progressive Jackpots

Okay, so Captain Obvious has arrived to tell you that progressive jackpots are the best way to win a life-changing prize. What a shocker, I know.

On a more serious note, not all online casinos offer a large variety of games with a progressive jackpot. It’s a good idea to pick a platform that has at least a couple so you could switch them every now and then.

These slots often reach millions in prize pools because of the shared pool system. For example, any progressive jackpot title by leading developers such as Microgaming and Playtech is collected from the wagers of all players in all casinos that offer the game.

As you could imagine, this is a lot, and you can even see the prize reach eight figures. At the end of the day, if you are chasing a big win, why not go for the biggest one available?

Playing for Fun

This might sound like blasphemy to some players, but there are people out there playing for fun. They simply like slots and know that winning is hard. As a result, they don’t mind spending some cash in the same way you buy a movie to the tickets. It’s actually a sensible approach.

If you are among those players, you are probably looking for a different experience. The good news is that you probably will be able to find it.

Types of Slots

One of the most important factors is to determine what kind of game you prefer. There are so many that it might be a bit hard.

For example, there are the classic slots. They usually come with only a couple of paylines and a simplified gameplay. The design is clean, and they use classic symbols such as Bars, Cherries, Ace, Kings, and so on.

If you want something that resembles computer games, you could go for the video slots. As the name suggests, there are a lot of animations and cool graphics, and the whole experience is more colorful.

On top of that, you will be able to enjoy various features such as wilds, scatters, mini games, free spins, and much more.

There are also other slots such as 3D and VR titles. The developers of such games are always trying to implement the latest technologies on the market and release something fresh.

The Right Theme

The visuals are important if you want to have fun. Fortunately, you can pick between hundreds of options, and the graphics of many of them are stunning. The likes of mythology, animals, beaches, and gems are just a fraction of the themes you could find.

Furthermore, there are plenty of slots themed after popular movies, TV shows, and even superheroes. The best studios in the business always try to get deals for the rights and add more of them.

Final Words

I think I managed to cover the needs of most slots players, and I hope this post will help you pick the best games for you. Of course, the three groups above are somewhat relative.

You could easily combine the different tips from each of them to both have fun and get a decent chance to win, for example. In fact, I believe this is the best way to approach online slots.

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Interpreting Sports Betting News Like a Boss
Interpreting Sports Betting News Like a Boss

If we’re being honest, most of us that bet sports watch a lot of sports TV shows and read a lot of sports news and publications. If I’m being honest, I can’t make it through the day without watching SportsCenter at least twice. The majority of people that bet on sports are avid sports fans that love to soak up as much information and sports entertainment as possible.

While this is all fine and dandy, it can create issues for you at the books. If you’re not properly interpreting the news and media that you’re seeing, you may be allowing it to negatively affect your sports betting picks. Don’t worry; I am not here to take away your SportsCenter. Lord knows I would lose my mind without my daily fix. What I am here to do, though, is make sure that the information and entertainment you’re receiving is helping your betting game and not smashing it to smithereens.

The Purpose of Most Sports Media

The key to understanding what I’m trying to say lies in understand the purpose of most of the sports media. The purpose behind most of the sports media (including SportsCenter) is to entertain. They do not make their money by helping viewers and readers make great sports betting picks. They make their money by gaining and retaining viewers and readers and keeping them entertained.

What this means is that the stories they push, the narratives they peddle, and the information they give you will be aimed at entertaining you. Is there anything wrong with this? Not one bit! Where the problem comes in is if you think they are giving you advice and information that you can use to make better sports bets.

Let’s say that there are 2 fighters who are scheduled to fight in an upcoming UFC fight. The first fighter is on top of the world and has been knocking out fools left and right. The second fighter has actually been out of the ring for over 3 years. They had a terrible injury where they shattered their hip and didn’t know if they would ever walk again. Through a lot of hard work and dedication, they were able to walk and eventually get themselves ready to fight again.

Now, let’s also say that while this fighter has an incredible story of triumph just to get back to the ring, they are nowhere on the level of the first fighter who is on top of the world. How is this going to be reported by most of the sports media? Are they mainly going to talk about how the first fighter is the best and while it’s great that fighter 2 made a comeback, they’re going to get knocked out? Or, are they going to talk about the epic comeback of fighter 2 and how history stands to be made as they reach to fulfill their destiny with a comeback win?

Honestly, most media outlets are going to be all over the comeback story. Sportscasters are going to pushing all the positives that the second fighter has and how they have a real shot of pulling off the win, even though they really don’t. Why? Because that story is much more entertaining than saying, “Well, nice to see him back, but he’s going to get knocked out cold.” Sportscasters might even be picking the upset because they want it to happen.

I’ll admit it, that story is way more exciting than what is actually going to happen. When people hear the comeback story, they’re going to want that fighter to win and be more excited to watch the fight. This is the goal of the media. They want to push the narrative that entertains you the most.

Why Understanding This is Important

So, what does that have to do with you and your sports betting? Well, if you haven’t connected the dots already, let me do it for you. If you are letting these media narratives affect the way you are betting, you’re going to start making some bad bets. When you make your bets, you need to be using sound logic and reasoning. You can’t be letting emotional stories or stories that are being pushed just to entertain affect your judgment.

Do I want the comeback fighter to win? Of course, I do! Of course, I think it would be an awesome story and exciting as heck to see it happen. However, should I bet on that fighter just because it’s what I want to happen? Heck no. I should be betting on the fighter that I think is going to win and has value in their pick. In fact, you may end up being able to get great value on the first fighter because the rest of the betting public is going to be betting on the comeback story. This will shift the line and make for a great payday on the fighter that should win the fight.

You have to be able to separate what information is important to your sports betting decisions and what information is being shared just to entertain you.

I will say that the majority of the information you’ll be getting from mainstream publications is going to be aimed at entertaining. The stats and results you get will be important, and it’s impossible to misconstrue those.

The one thing you need to be aware of that they may do with stats is selectively choose which stats to share. They may only show you stats that help to support the entertaining narrative. Be on the lookout for this if you’re using the media to get your stats.

But What About the Experts Picking Games?

I can already hear all of you saying this, so I’ll go right ahead and address it. You’re probably saying that you’re confident a lot of the sportscasters you watch on TV are genuinely trying to pick out who they think will win the game. These are the sportscasters that despite the comeback story we talked about would tell you that the other fighter is going to win. Shouldn’t it be okay to listen to what these guys and girls have to say?

The problem is that you’re correct. These sportscasters are picking who they think is going to win the game/fight/match, but they are not taking into account the betting lines at all. Sports betting is not about picking winners and losers. Sports betting is about finding bets that offer value and taking advantage of them. This means that the right bet is often the team that you think is going to lose. It also means that even though you think someone or some team is going to win, it might not be a profitable wager to bet on them.

So, What Sports Media Is Okay?

First of all, any sports media is okay for you to watch. The question here, though, is what sports media should you be watching or reading if you’re looking for help with your bets. You need to be paying attention to media that takes into account the betting lines. If the odds and betting lines are not addressed at all, it’s not a publication that you want to be using for your sports betting.

You need to be listening to people who are dedicated to helping you make smarter picks as a first goal and entertainment as a second priority. They should be sportscasters and media professionals who pride themselves on their ability to make money as sports bettors. Sure, they can still be entertaining, but that needs to come as a second priority to making great value picks.

While this next part probably goes without saying, I never want to assume that people know things. Make sure that the person you are taking your media influence from knows what they are talking about.

There are way too many people on the internet and podcasts (and even in the higher media ranks) that claim to be professionals and experts. In reality, a large percentage of these people are not beating the games if you break down the picks that they’re telling you to make.

The Wrap Up

As I said from the start, I am not here to take your SportsCenter away. If I were, I’d end up being the biggest hypocrite on the planet. All I’m telling you to do is make sure that you’re able to distinguish between valuable information and entertaining stories and narratives. Sometimes it’s easy to tell the difference, and sometimes it’s hard not to fall victim to the alluring spell of some of these stories.

Here’s the best way to make sure that you’re protected. Before you start watching and reading other people’s opinions about upcoming games and matches, form your own opinion. Do your own research and look up your own stats online before you let someone else work their way into your head.

If you’re making all your picks based on what sportscasters are saying, you’re most likely going to be part of the infamous “betting public” who are notorious for being terrible at sports betting.

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Capture 70 Rounds On Party Parrot At Slots Capital

Latest Casino Bonuses
Capture 70 Rounds On Party Parrot At Slots Capital
Capture 70 Rounds On Party Parrot At Slots Capital

Rival Gaming is getting ready to release its latest video slot Party Parrot this week. Meanwhile, popular betting site, Slots Capital, is launching introductory bonuses to celebrate the occasion. This entire weekend (March 15h and March 18th) depositing members will be given a chance to gather a promotional 20 spins on the featured title or seize an additional 50 rounds after making a deposit until the end of the month.

According to the manufacturer’s description, Party Parrot is a vivid game with expanding wild features and free spins bonuses. To trigger 20 extra rounds players must activate the free spins icon and exploit the sticky Wilds. By doing so, another spin will kick in and stay on the screen during the remaining re-spin rounds. Apart from standard symbols, creators have included an atlas of exotic feathered creatures such as Toucans and Flamingos, although the highest value mark is a hungry Pelican. As far as it goes for a betting range, developers have set a betting limit from one to ten coins per line. Furthermore, coins can be specified at a standard sequence between $0.01 and $0.25.

Introductory bonuses and extra spins demand a previous deposit, however the maximum cash out for 20 rounds is capped at $180. Players who decide to participate must use the bonus code, PARTY 20, and play between March 15th and 18th, 2018. On the other hand, for a $25 deposit, active members can gather up to 50 free spins and go for the jackpot as no maximum limits on payouts are imposed. The bonus code, PARROT 50, can be used only until Saturday, March 31st, 2018.

Equally important is the casino’s 300% deposit bonus offer on the Shamrock Isle slot, which goes all the way to $1,500. The promo is available for stakes ranging between $35 and $500 with a special 40x playthrough term which is obligatory. Have a look at the casino’s huge portfolio of Rival Gaming slots and use the opportunity to score some big winnings during the weekend. Best of luck!

The Lottery or Slot Machines? Which is the Better Bet?
The Lottery or Slot Machines? Which is the Better Bet?

Slot machines and the lottery have their obvious differences. But these gambling games are also similar in that they’re completely random.

The lottery is random in that you never know which lucky ticket(s) will be chosen as a winner. Slot machines offer random results across 3 or 5 reels.

These are both good games for anybody who likes a pure gamble. But what’s the better bet here?

This is a hard question to answer because there are multiple types of slot machines and lottery tickets that each offer different payback. You also have to consider the rate of play.

That said, keep reading as I use payback and play rate to determine the best wager.

Slot Machines Payback
How are Slot Machine Payouts and Payback Determined?

Slot machines have random number generators (RNG) that decide when payouts are delivered. An RNG cycles through thousands of number combinations to determine results.

The fact that this program goes through so many different numbers ensures that players can’t predict spins.

The RNG busts a popular myth that you can somehow time spins perfectly to win more often. It also cuts through another myth that somebody can “steal” your jackpot after you leave a machine.

Slots payback is determined through a combination of how frequently each prize is delivered along with the size of each payout.

Progressive slot machines differ in that they feature variable payback or return to player (RTP), based on the jackpot’s size. Here’s an example:

A slot machine has base payback of 88%. The progressive jackpot is seeded at $100,000. The payback increases from here, because the jackpot is also growing.
Standard Land based Slot Machine Payback

Land based casinos can choose what payback they want their slot machines to offer. This means that you can play the same slot machine in two different casinos and face a different RTP.

Gaming jurisdictions have minimum requirements for how much slot machines must pay out. Here are few examples involving different American states:

Arkansas = 83% payback Delaware = 87% Kansas = 87% Louisiana = 80% Maryland = 87% New Jersey = 83% Nevada = 83%

These required payback figures are low compared to what’s really seen in the industry. Land-based slot machine payback typically ranges from 85% to 98%.

The difference is based on the coin denomination and specific casino. Higher denomination slot machines normally pay more than the lower denominations.

Here’s a standard range for what you can expect:

Penny slots = 85% to 88% Nickel slots = 89% to 91% Dollar slots = 92% to 94% $5 slots and up = 95% and above

Certain casinos offer higher average RTP than other gambling establishments. All of this combines to make slots payback in brick and mortar casinos a confusing topic.

But generally, all you need to do is look at the coin denomination to get a good idea on what type of payback to expect.

Standard Online Slot Machine Payback

Online slot machines are superior to the land-based variety in two ways:

Payback is normally higher. You can expect games to pay the same across different casinos.

Online slots payback can range from 94% to 99%. But the average for modern internet slot machines is 96%.

This is obviously better than slot machines in brick and mortar casinos. And the reason why online casinos can offer higher RTP is because they have less overhead costs to worry about.

This is especially the case when considering that internet casinos don’t have to buy slot machine cabinets. Instead, all they’re doing is offering games through the internet.

Another good thing about online slots payback is that it usually stays the same regardless of if you’re betting $0.01 per line or $1. This is in stark contrast to land-based slot machines, where you need to bet $1 or more to enjoy higher payback.

But as for the second point, online slots makers usually offer a uniform payout percentage at every casino they serve. For example, you can expect NetEnt’s Blood Suckers to feature 98.0% payback no matter you find it.

Lottery Payouts
How are Lottery Payouts Determined?

A lottery drawing issues tickets to players, with fixed odds of winning each prize. Here’s an example of the prizes and odds offered in Powerball:

5 correct numbers + Powerball number = Jackpot (1 in 292,201,338.00 odds) 5 correct numbers = $1,000,000 (1 in 11,688,053.52) 4 correct numbers + Powerball number = $50,000 (1 in 913,129.18) 4 correct numbers = $100 (1 in 36,525.17) 3 correct numbers + Powerball number = $100 (1 in 14,494.11) 3 correct numbers = $7 (1 in 579.76) 2 correct numbers + Powerball = $7 (1 in 701.33) 2 correct numbers = $4 (1 in 91.98) Powerball = $4 (1 in 38.32) (The overall odds of winning any prize = 1 in 24.87)

The odds of winning in Powerball or any other major lottery remain the same no matter how many tickets are sold. Furthermore, the number of prizes increase along with the amount of tickets in circulation.

Players can either pick the numbers themselves or have a lottery retailer’s machine select the numbers (a.k.a. quick pick). The odds don’t change either way, because the results are completely random.

Scratchcards work the same way as lottery drawings in terms of fixed odds and how prizes are distributed. The only difference is in how these games are played.

You scratch these cards to reveal symbols or numbers. The hope is that you match enough symbols/numbers to win a prize.

Standard Payback for Lottery Drawings

Lotteries are notorious for offering the worst payback percentage in gambling. The major drawings like Euro Millions, Mega Millions, and Powerball offer around 50% payback.

Italy’s Super Enalotto used to only pay back 34.65% of ticket sales, which is atrocious. Only in recent years did they raise this to 60%.

But even at 60%, lottery drawing payback doesn’t begin to compare with slot machines. The only casino game that’s comparable is keno, which occasionally pays as little as 60% in rare instances.

Another thing to worry about here is win frequency. I showed in the Powerball example that your chances of winning any prize are just 1 in 24.7.

Slot machines aren’t the greatest in terms of payout frequency either, but you can at least expect to win 10 15% of the time on each payline. This only gets better when you play more lines.

Standard Payback for Scratchoffs

Scratchoffs (a.k.a. scratchcards) are like slot machines in that payback varies based on the cost of the ticket. Convenience stores commonly sell scratchcards at prices ranging from $1 to $10.

The dollar tickets pay back anywhere from 50% to 60%. This is a bargain compared to lottery drawings, given that you’re paying half the price and sometimes earning a higher return.

$5 scratchoffs pay anywhere from 60% to 65% on average, and $10 scratchcards pay back around 70%.

Based on this, it makes sense to reach for the $10 scratchoffs, but take into consideration that you’re going to lose more money over the long run.

Here’s a comparison:

100 scratchoffs at $1 each x 50% payback = $50 loss 100 scratchoffs at $10 each x 70% payback = $300 loss

If you’re a lottery high roller, then it certainly makes sense to play $10 scratchcards due to the higher payback. Don’t buy these tickets simply because they have a larger payout percentage, as you’ll likely lose more money anyways.

Standard Payback for Online Scratchcards

Online scratchcards are more generous than their land-based counterparts. You can often expect to earn anywhere from 90% to 95%, depending upon the gaming provider.

This is at least 20% higher than the most expensive scratch offs sold in convenience stores, and you can play online scratchcards for anywhere between $0.50 and $1.

Internet scratchcards are similar to physical cards for the most part. You use your finger (via smartphone) to scratch off the spaces, just like you would with a physical ticket.

Another advantage to online scratchcards is that you don’t have to go anywhere to buy them. Instead, you simply pull out your phone or tablet and play them.

Speed of Play with Slot Machines and the Lottery

Both online and land-based slot machines offer much higher payback than lottery drawings.

In fact, the only lottery form that can compete with slot machines is online scratchcards, but these are treated more like an internet casino game than a traditional lottery.

The one way that lottery games can compete with slots, though, is through the speed of play.

Most lottery players buy a few tickets a week and wait until numbers are drawn. Slots players, on the other hand, may perform hundreds or even thousands of spins in a session.

Here’s a comparison on the play rate between slot machines and lottery drawings:

Lottery player

Buys five Mega Millions tickets at $2 a piece = $10 total bet Mega Millions pays back 50% 10 x 0.50 house edge = $5 loss per week

Slots player

Plays a quarter slot machine with 90% payback Performs 600 spins ($150 bet) per hour for 5 hours = $750 total bet 10 house edge x 750 = $75 loss per session

This example shows why the average slot machine player loses more than a lottery player.

But the other thing to understand here is that the slots player is getting far more entertainment than waiting for a single drawing. Instead, they’re spinning the reels for hours.

If we’re to measure the costs for each hour of entertainment, you could make a compelling case that slot machines are superior in this regard.

What is the Better Bet?

If you and I are judging which game is better in purely in terms of payback, then slot machines win hands down. The lowest paying slot machines pay at least 85%, while most deliver between 90% and 95% RTP.

In contrast, lottery drawings only pay around 50% on average. And you need to purchase $10 scratchoffs if you want to get up around 70% payback.

But we also have to consider the typical nature of a slot machine player and a lottery player.

As covered earlier, most lottery players only spend a few dollars every week. And while they’ll earn less money back on average, their low betting volume keeps them from losing too much.

Slot machine players usually engage in sessions that last one hour or more. This can cause you to lose a lot of money if you’re not careful.

But again, slots deliver more entertainment value when factoring time into the equation. After all, slots players can go for hours on a penny, nickel, or quarter machine with $100 or more.

Lottery players, meanwhile, spend a couple minutes buying their tickets. And while they may also watch the drawing, this only equates to around 30 minutes of weekly entertainment.

Long story short, deciding which game is the better bet is a subjective matter.

Slot machine players prefer the graphics, sounds, and fast paced action of slots. Lottery players enjoy spending a few dollars to chase life changing jackpots.


Slot machines and the lottery feature plenty of overlap in terms of their player bases, but you’ll also find gamblers who strictly like one game over the other.

The point of my post isn’t to steer you towards either slot machines or the lottery. Instead, I want to show how both forms of gambling can make their case for being the best wager.

I personally like how slot machines provide hours of entertainment and better payback. I’m also not against buying a few lottery tickets when the Mega Millions or Powerball reach an enormous amount.

In summary, keep what I discussed about payback, play rate, and entertainment value in mind. Feel free to use this to help you next time you’re on the fence about whether to buy more lottery tickets or play slot machines.

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

NJ Online Gambling Revenue Warms Up The Dead of Winter With Record-Setting February

NJ Gambling Sites
NJ Online Gambling Revenue Warms Up The Dead of Winter With Record-Setting February
winter fire

The weather might be frightful, but there's a heater happening in New Jersey's legal online gambling industry. NJ online gambling revenue hit $22 million in February revenue for another record-setting month.

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Grab Spins On La Bamba At Slotastic & Intertops!

Latest Casino Bonuses
Grab Spins On La Bamba At Slotastic & Intertops!
Grab Spins On La Bamba At Slotastic & Intertops!

As Realtime Gaming gets ready to release its latest slot edition, Ritchie Valens La Bamba, two top-ranked casinos are almost simultaneously launching featured introductory bonuses including a bulk of up to 50 extra spins until the end of March. Software giants from Atlanta (GA) are paying tribute to one of the most iconic rock and roll musicians from the ‘50s, who tragically died in a plane crash with Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper.

An updated offer at Slotastic now features 50 spins on the game for regular depositors including a mammoth 200% bonus, available till the end of March 2018. Likewise, the casino division of Intertops is starting off the promotion with three deposit bonuses toward the slot, totaling up to 110 extra rounds.

Ritchie Valens became famous in the music world after adapting Mexican folk song La Bamba to rock n roll beats of the ’50s. The new version launched a dance craze across America and grew into an overnight success, making Valens an instant star. The 6-reel slot release features symbols such as retro record players, shoes and guitars, tickets to Ritchie’s concerts and record covers. Some of Valens’ most popular tracks play during the game and Ritchie himself represents the Expanding Wild, which doubles the prize in case it’s a part of the winning combination.

Apart from six reels, La Bamba also carries an All Ways Pay feature with 729 possible winning combinations on each spin! Additionally, four Scatters can trigger up to 20 free spins and then multiply all prizes up to 3X. Furthermore, if free rounds are activated by 5 scatters, additional expanding Wilds are attached to the middle reel.

Available in both mobile and desktop mode, La Bamba can be played at Slotastic between March 14th and March 31st via coupon code, RITCHIE50. A playthrough requirement of 30x is obligatory on bonuses, whereas no maximum cashout limits are imposed. As for Intertops Red, depositing members can exploit three unique offers including 20 spins and a 50% deposit bonus on stakes between $20-$49, 40 rounds with a 75% bonus for wagers betwixt $50-$99 and maximum 50 spins plus 100% bonus for deposits ranging from $100-$500 USD. The coupon code, LABAMBA, has to be entered after making a bet and winnings from free spins are subject to 10x wagering.

Take a pick or opt for both incredible offers at these multi-awarded online casinos and have an incredible round on RTG’s latest slot release. Likewise, check out Intertops’ promo regarding 20 years on the market, as it features tickets to a $2,000 cash prize draw in the first week of April!

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